edenites was filmed on 30th November and 1st December 1994, featuring footage from the Hacienda's hugely successful Flesh nights, which ran as an antidote to the heavy vibe the Manchester club had picked up at weekends. It captures something of their energy and atmosphere shortly before they finished forever. The Hacienda itself only lasted a little longer. We picked faces from the scene on the night we filmed there, asking them to turn up at a studio in town the next day. Thankfully, they came. A night filling a friendly neighbour's home with such folk resulted in a bizarre, memorable evening. The little boy in the kitchen, James Keegan, even grew up to be World Irish Dancing Champion. The finished video doesn't tell a story - it's just a rush of images.


  edenites cost us 4000 to make (which we blagged from a bank) and helped secure us our deal with ZTT. The scenes at Flesh were chaotic; there were an Egyptian amount of bare chests and breasts and little room to move. Our make-up artist the next day was drunk. She had the odd idea of exaggerating facial blemishes rather than hiding them.  Most of the footage from the studio and house was lost due to the tapes being stored next to a radiator and melting. That put our directors out of pocket, too. We had to re-shoot a couple of weeks later (16th December) and get everyone back. Three times World Irish Dancing Champion James Keegan did a cameo in the original; only the breakfast table scene of him survived. My keenest memory was David holding up the shoot because we had no bubble blower; we spent an hour looking round Piccadilly for doesn't tell a story - it's just a rush of images.