The Official End of it All




  Newly signed to ZTT, we were given a much more substantial budget for this video - but had to fight long and hard to get our Manchester directors, The Future Brothers, back. We turned up at the studio to find that they'd built us a set looking like a spaceship interior from the 70s Tomorrow People series, complete with glowing psychedelic wall 'breasts.' The finished piece is like two videos in one - half science fiction, half kitchen sink. It's supposed to be like the start of 'The Member of the Wedding' by Carson McCullers - the young protagonist is 'an unjoined person who hung around in doorways' and 'a member of nothing in the world.' He can only identify with the people he likes in pop groups.  There are movie references. We filmed at Alfredo's (now the S&M cafe in Islington), the Mods' hangout in Quadrophenia, where we had a vintage jukebox offering only the same two Sexus tracks. .ZTT rejected the video before most of the planned special effects could be added. A string of people there each tried re-editing it from the raw footage, till the clips used became almost random, including obvious outtakes. This is a clip from the original version.  


  The Official End of it All was shot on 19th January 1996 in Wembley and Islington,  north London.  The budget for the video was 25000. There was a huge clash of egos on and off set; ZTT tried to foist the Warner's in-house video maker on us, but his idea of using bouncing red balls was as rubbish as he was, so we turned him down in favour of our edenites directors. David storyboarded the whole thing and was in constant battle with both them and ZTT. The interior shoot was continually interrupted by our manager and A&R people who were worried that our clothes weren't commercial enough, but we did have a very pretty Indian make-up girl called Maria who wasn't averse to using the concealer. When ZTT saw the offline edit, they thought it wasn't 'up' enough, so they re-edited it for commercial release and, not surprisingly, missed out all the good bits.