July 4th 2006

Paul will be talking about his work on

Friday 14th July (7.30pm) at

Manchester Waterstone's as part of

their Dead on Deansgate season.


March 1st 2006

There is an interview with Paul

in the current issue of The Big Issue

(Feb 27th-March 5th issue).

February 25th 2006

Paul will be appearing on the

Victoria Derbyshire show on

Radio 5 on Monday 27th February

(9-12am). It can be listened

to online for a week after broadcast.

Here. The interview is two hours

into the show.

February 6th 2006

Paul's interview with The Times

was published today. Read here.

August 22nd 2005

The cover for the mass market editon

of Brown Boys in Chocolate was finally


July 27th 2005

Following the London bombings in

July, Paul's interview with The Times

was deemed 'too sensitive to print'.

He was interviewed today by BBC

Radio Scotland.

June 2nd 2005

Paul's second novel, Brown Boys in

Chocolate, is released today. He has

been interviewed by The Times

and the Manchester Evening News

about it. Links to these will appear


May 26th 2004

Paul has sold the translation rights to

The Craze to Russia; i.e. there'll be a

Russian language edition coming out 

there. Should be quite a collector's item -

and, of course, the translator will need to

work out Russian equivalents for all those  

Manchester phrases. That'll be the first 

foreign language edition of the book.

The Craze has also just sold to British TV,

so we hope there'll be a film version in

production soon.

March 7th 2004

Reviews are flooding in for Paul's novel,

from Arena to The Guardian to Ladsmag.

Have a read on Paul's Page

February 5th 2004

Paul's debut novel The Craze is released

today. Poster campaigns in Manchester

and London and national and local press

features will coincide with the release. An

update on these can be found on Paul's page.

Go here Or you can order the book here

December 11th 2003

A new free song download goes

up on the site tonight - a live

recording of TOUGH GUY SHELL

from the Sanity Plexus BBC radio

session for Mark Radcliffe. Jaunt here

December 3rd 2003

On Sunday, the second series of


co-wrote, won a British Academy Award -

the BAFTA for Best Pre-School

Live Action programme!

Here's a picture of the front cover of Paul's

forthcoming novel THE CRAZE, which is out

on February 5th, 2004:

A few limited edition advance proof

copies with a different cover are circulating,

with a quote from top crime writer Graham Hurley

on the back: "I read The Craze at a single sitting:

fabulous piece of work."

Look out for some website updates and

activity soon!

September 7th 2003

New songs available for free download! Visit

our Free Songs page here for MP3s of two



You can find some info on these tracks on

our What's New page here

Also new up for free download is GOING OUT

IN STYLE from the Psychodelicates Go Adventuring

album. Hope you enjoy them!


There's a nice review of Psychodelicates Go Adventuring

up at the Indie Spinzone site, where it gets a 9.9 out of 10 on

their Cool-o-meter rating:

" ... I just find it very odd how the stars are all aligning, and I have to say

it's almost exciting, genuinely exciting, for the first time in a long

while. It is downright enjoyable to hear songs with an attitude and good

lyrics that all seem to belong to some coherent, cosmic whole. I'm listening

to Psychodelia as I type this and the toes are tapping and all is

right with the world.

You can find the review here

The whole site is a good read so have a look round.

September 5th 2003

We're very pleased to be featured in the new

issue of DJ magazine, 5-18th September issue,

on the Webplayers page, with a nice little feature

on the site by Ian Peel, featuring a mini-interview with David,

and also to have two songs: Nico Would Have Loved You and

Psychodelia chosen for the mag's five top tunes of the fortnight

to download. You can find these two songs on the Free Downloads

page here

And you can expect a new bout of activity starting soon,

with new songs to download over the next few days,

so keep checking back!

April 6th 2003

A new rare track from the archive has been made

available to our visitors here for free download!

This is from the Sanity Plexus era - just pre-Sexus,

and is a live performance of 'Fatty Takes a Flyer' taken

from a national BBC radio session for Mark Radcliffe's


March 23rd 2003

New songs for download on the site, here!



return to synth pop of INNER SPACE, OUTER SPACE.

For information on the origins of these songs, jaunt to our

What's New page, here. Happy listening and downloading!

February 25th 2003

Paul has just signed a major two book

deal with Random House, and his first

novel, THE CRAZE, will be released on

their Century imprint early in 2004. He's

presently working on his second novel.

January 6th 2003

The new series of popular preschool

childrens' series, RIPLEY AND SCUFF

started its run of forty episodes today

on ITV (British TV). It's on every weekday

at 3.20pm and twenty of the shows feature

scripts from David - this should include the

shows on the 7th, 9th, 14th, 21st, 22nd and

27th January to name but six!

More literary news: Paul is about to sign a two-book

deal with a major publisher - his debut novel, THE CRAZE

will be out in 2004. More news to come.

November 13th 2002

"The surgeons have given Manchester a face-lift. Along the Wilmslow

Road corridor, chic eateries and upwardly mobile-phone bars vie for

public space. But it's all cosmetic. Thinly applied make-up for a city

on the mortuary slab. The roads that lead off the dream run of Wilmslow

Road are the real Manchester ..."

We're very pleased to announce that Paul, with

his as-yet-unpublished first novel, THE CRAZE,

which takes an unflinching look at the dark side

of the city of Manchester, was one of the finalists

shortlisted for the prestigious Crime Writer's

Association Debut Dagger Award recently.

This literary award has been described as "the Booker

Prize of crime" and The Craze has been receiving

a lot of praise.

May 28th 2002

You'll find a new Psychodelicates interview

and feature in the online Designer Magazine


April 26th 2002

We've enjoyed ambling into Vitaminic's

Shop section and finding 'Psychodelicates ...

Go Adventuring' at no. 1 in the Top Sellers

chart - now we can say we've had a number 1.

Thanks to everyone who's supported the album.

We've now also spread our tentacles to

with a Psychodelicates page at

where you'll find info, biography, past reviews, influences,

etc., and some downloads (the ones also on this site).

Expect a lot of new things on this site very shortly.

April 19th 2002

David can be seen making some brief

curious cameo appearances with Tim Firth

in the new late night ITV show, 'Dare To Believe',

featuring a reunion of sorts for the team who created

'And Now In Colour' for Radio 4 in the early 90's:

Tim Scott, Firth (writer of Border Cafe, Neville's Island,

Once Upon A Time in The North, etc.), plus Michael

Marshall Smith, now a celebrated horror and SF author,

on the writing credits. Friday nights, 1am.

The big news is the release of our first

album 'Psychodelicates Go Adventuring'

One year in the making, it's here to restore your faith in pop.

Full tracklisting:

Angels Know My Name

Going Out In Style




Come Like Shadows

Swallowed By The Hills

When We Were Undead


Mystery Moor

Making Love With The Lights On

Religion And The Decline Of Magic

To hear a few tracks, click here