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  13th AUGUST 2008

Sexus video clips added.

Clips from the Sexus videos for 'edenites' and 'The Official End of it All' have been added to the site - with some memories from David and Paul - just click here and here.

6TH APRIL 2003

New free download!

We've just added a rare track of Sanity Plexus - our incarnation just prior to Sexus - for free download, from the live national BBC radio session done for Mark Radcliffe, which coincided with the release of the Sanity Plexus album: "Fidelity." This performance went out live from the BBC's Manchester Oxford Road studios, and you can download the track: 'Fatty Takes A Flyer' from the Sanity Plexus page - just click here


23RD MARCH 2003


Manifesting on the Free Songs page:

An unreleased Sexus oddity which began as a remix of a song we originally planned to follow Edenites as a single in the independent days, called Where The Wild Things Are, but which became something unto itself:


Wish we were

where wild things are ...


Plus two new tracks for you from the PSYCHODELICATES canon:



Wanting someone to complete you

sitting out a sorry Summer

sat inventing sins to please the priest

(so he smiles at least ...)


and the cosmic INNER SPACE, OUTER SPACE seeing a return to synth pop:


... we can fly above the rain

gliding through the cosmic rays

like surfers on a wave of space and time

so no big bang, it's just a whimper

clinging on to gloss and glitter

looking up to heaven for a sign ...


We hope you enjoy all these free downloads. Let us know what you think. If you do like these songs and haven't already, please consider buying the Psychodelicates Go Adventuring album via here.

Keep checking back for new things as there'll be more to come.



As quite a significant amount more folk tend to visit the What's New page than the News page, this is just to let you know that there have been a few News updates lately, with some exciting writerly news about Paul just gone up. So head over to News!

13th NOVEMBER 2002

There haven't been any Psychodelicates updates in a while as David and Paul have been so heavily involved in lots of different work. For example, Paul's written a novel, The Craze, which won a highly-coveted place on the shortlist for the prestigious Crime Writer's Association Debut Dagger awards - more news about this on the News page - and David's been working on scripting twenty episodes for the excellent pre-schooler's series Ripley and Scuff, which will air on ITV throughout January and February 2003. Plans to update the website with new songs, both brand new and from the vaults, various materials, text features and exciting manifestations to delight your senses are still on and in the planning stages, to get moving when everything else calms down for a while - so please keep visiting.

22nd JULY 2002

Sorry there haven't been any updates for a while; we've both been embroiled in projects that haven't allowed us a spare minute for ages - but usually, an interval like that precedes a whole new period of activity, and we're already planning what we can do next in our webworld, including new features and expansions to the sections, and a possible free cyber single where you'd download the tracks and artwork. We also plan to start recording new material together very shortly. So keep watching!

In the meantime, here are some of the things that have been entertaining me lately; check some of these out if you're not familiar with them:


FIVE BOYS by MICK JACKSON - rather whimsical escapades in an English village during wartime, by a very good writer;

ROBERT SILVERBERG - a very good SF writer who I've really only just discovered (initially through a story he co-wrote with Harlan Ellison): THE BOOK OF SKULLS: like a post-hippy road movie about four lads seeking immortality, but with a price - two of them must die; I enjoyed this and, also from 1972, have just started his DYING INSIDE;

JOHN D. MACDONALD - THE DEEP BLUE GOODBYE; the first of his Travis McGee Private Eye books - I've been wanting to get into hardboiled crime fiction for a while; the writing is so taut and brilliantly honed. CRIMEWAVE magazine is also good for a variety of different styles from modern crime writers. (Big branches of Waterstone's stock it.)

JONATHAN CARROLL - Have just finished his most recent, THE WOODEN SEA and am just starting an earlier one, BONES OF THE MOON - a very interesting, good writer with some nicely off-kilter ideas ...


Osamu Tezuka's original ASTRO BOY collections from Dark Horse Comics - their first English language editions; very charming and distinctly drawn comic strips from a Manga master (I must read his serious, adult work ADOLF, about which I've been hearing very good things); Grant Morrison's new series, THE FILTH from Vertigo/DC, which looks to be as self-consciously-weird-and-proud-of-it as INVISIBLES was; the brilliant Eddie Campbell's new book collection: AFTER THE SNOOTER, full of his autobiographical strips; highly compelling and original. (Many will know of his outstanding collaboration with Alan Moore: FROM HELL, but two less well known collaborations between the two, and published by Campbell himself - www.eddiecampbellcomics.com - and taken from Moore performance pieces: THE BIRTH CAUL and SNAKES & LADDERS are worth hunting for; they're perhaps Moore's best and most interesting work of late (and Campbell's artwork is as great as ever.) Both are very deep, strange and mystical, but don't let that stop you.

Plus NEW STATESMAN for its essays (some good ones lately); FORTEAN TIMES as ever, for the necessary monthly dose of weirdness; FILMFAX - just had a bug-o-rama special on those great Atomic Age giant bug movies like Them, Tarantula and The Deadly Mantis; as many ALAN MOORE interviews as I can find on the net, about magic, the nature of creativity, the structure of reality; the usual fascinating Alan Moore topics ...

DVD - THE WICKER MAN double pack, with the superb director's cut, commentaries, all sorts of extras; one of my all-time favourite films in its full-length version.

VIDEO - TOM AND JERRY Volumes 1-4; the brilliant original original cinema cartoons in their original release order, completely uncut.

THE PALLISERS - BBC period drama 1974 style on a set of VHS doublepacks, with the beautiful Susan Hampshire and a cast of excellent British actors, adapted by Simon Raven from the Trollope novels; sheer class.

Anyway, keep checking back - more Psychodelicates stuff soon!

David xxx 22/7/02

15TH MAY 2002

Just added - a thrilling visual guide to the strange


See it here

3RD MAY 2002

The Video Stills Gallery has just gone up, with 36 images from the Sexus 'The Official End Of It All' video; all in thumbnail form for you to click on and enlarge - via the Sexus Page.

And coming soon: David's article on Morrissey, a voyage into the strange world of Psychodelicates Go Adventuring and Paul's pages.

1ST MAY 2002

The Sexus page has been snazzed up a bit with photos, and the text expanded on David's Musical Favourites (entry below.)

29TH APRIL 2002

Just added - a page trumpeting some of David's favourite Musical artistes via David's Page. Garner some clues as to a Psychodelicate's Desert Island Discs with this couple of little essays and tributes.

26TH APRIL 2002


25TH APRIL 2002

Expect a whole load of new features to start going up over the next week or so, all as exciting as being chased through miles of Nigerian scrub by the cannibalistic Leopard Societies of Sierra Leone. Paul fans can expect Paul's Page(s) to start emerging, there should be an illustrated investigation into the strange world of 'Psychodelicates Go Adventuring', and more on David's Pages, involving books, films and music. Some screen grabs from Sexus videos might be appearing soon, too - so keep watching.

It's great that so many of you international types are visiting and downloading the free songs we've provided, but only about one in seven hundred are kindly saying hello or leaving any kind of sentiment at all in the Guest Book to let us know it's all worthwhile, so ... sadly, we'll probably remove the Guest Book very soon. It's a pity - so how about leaving a note when you visit, before it's too late?

Don't forget - when you're travelling through the glittering star-fields of cyberspace in the near future, keep checking here for new stuff.

12TH APRIL 2002

We've only been officially up a few days and have had thousands of hits already, from the UK and all over the States, plus Russia, Turkey, the Netherlands, Europe ... we're delighted that so many of our children have rediscovered or discovered us. Psychodelicates love you.

We've had a lot of mention of the Sexus lyrics, so there's now a SEXUS LYRICS PAGE featuring a few songs up. You can link to it from the Sexus page. We'll put more lyrics up in future.

9TH APRIL 2002

What's new? Why, this very What's New page is new - revel in the cosmic irony of it all!

We'll be doing regular little spruce-ups, spring cleans, nips and tucks to the site, but this is the place to check if there are any major new additions. There should be, frequently. We're really happy about all the interest the site has been getting already and plan to add plenty of new features over the next few days and weeks, so please keep dropping off here as you ride the brave new frontier of cyberspace. If there's anything you'd particularly like to see, drop us a note in the Guest Book. In the meantime, expect regular new features, and a few surprises.